Hong Kong IFF DAY 4 香港国際映画祭DAY4

Around 9 am I got waken up by a phone call from Soda, my NY friend. He said he’s been up for while because of a jet lag. His new film “Mental” which was in Berlinale’s Forum together with Deep in the Valley last February, is in the documentary competition and I think it should be winning some award. We and Tomoko-san had a dim-sum together.
4-day stay in Hong Kong was short, but meaningful to meet Yu Lik Wai and Chow Keung and talk about next production.
4日間の香港stay だったが、Yu Lik Wai やChow Keung など次作に関わるパートナーと集中して話すことが出来たのが大きな収穫だった。さらに”Deep in the Valley” のアジアでの上映が広がっていけばいいと思う。


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