DITV at Sao Paulo IFF! サンパウロ国際映画祭へ正式招待

“Deep in the Valley (NO VALE PROFUNDO, YANAKA BOSHOKU)” are now in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

The screening schedule at the 33rd Sao Paulo International Film Festival.

ESPAÇO UNIBANÇO POMPÉIA 2               30/10/2009 – 15:40 – Sessão: 823 (Sexta)
UNIBANCO ARTEPLEX 3                     01/11/2009 – 20:50 – Sessão: 976
CINEMA DA VILA                          02/11/2009 – 21:40 – Sessão: 1097
Page 34(Domingo)
CINE BOMBRIL 1                          04/11/2009 – 18:45 – Sessão: 1290 (Quarta)

For more info please check out: http://www.mostra.org/



2 Responses to “DITV at Sao Paulo IFF! サンパウロ国際映画祭へ正式招待”

  1. edo Says:

    I live in São Paulo-Brazil…
    and i can’t wait for the movie.
    it’s a beatful work!

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